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Do It Yourself Bookkeeping Lessons
Is your business just to small to hire a bookkeeper? Do you prefer doing it all yourself? There is a growing number of articles on this site dedicated to business owners like yourself. I am working to put together many pages that will be of use to those who want to learn how to do themselves. Some are very simple to help you get started quickly and others are more detailed about the different rules and practices of accounting. I hope you get the information you are looking for and please don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions for me to answer.

DIY Bookkeeping Lesson No. 1
Small Business Bookkeeping Services
Many small business owners are unsure if they need a bookkeeper. Others aren’t sure if they can afford one. You might be wondering how it all works or if you can trust someone to help with your bookkeeping. I know business owners have these concerns because I have been a business owner and I have been helping small businesses since 1995.

In today’s world of online business services, it can be tiring having to keep track of all the third parties you have to work with. Mine is a small service that only takes on as many clients as I can handle alone. My business model is built on serving the sames clients every month. I do not take on more clients that I can service efficiently.
How is My Service Different
Customized Service
Bookkeeping & payroll services tailored to help your business run more efficiently. I do things in a way that works best for you.
Quick response time to all communications. I never overbook myself. I am not too busy to answer calls or text messages or emails. I communicate through whichever means you prefer.

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