“Weather here in the Ozarks is fickle, making for tough fishing and a slow bite.” This seems to be the trademark quote of every article I write; however, this statement still rings true and the fishing report is still the same! Although it seems like a broken record of fishing stories: fish slow, go when its good weather, and look for structure, this is exactly what needs to happen right now to catch the bass. The spawn was different this year as we had drastic hot to cold changes, and some fish even spawned deeper in 10-15 feet of water. After the spawn, the fish moved out into deeper water and now cooler water. As Arkansas weather usually happens, we went from pretty cold to insanely hot in what seemed like overnight. With that being said, the fish pickup on the same weather signs we do, and their first instinct is to head to deeper water. The surface temperature on most local lakes is right around 85 degrees, making any fish lethargic and not wanting to eat. The key to fishing this time of year with water that hot is stay deep and stay slow. Getting the lure to the depth where the fish are is key, whether that be a crankbait or worm/jig on the bottom. The fish are holding very close to cover in this stage, primarily brush piles anywhere from 15-25 feet deep. All hope is not lost though. Many large fish in the 6lb + range have been reported as well as giant slab crappie. If all this doesn’t seem to interest you after the repeating horror stories of lock-jaw, go hit up a local stream or river. The water temperature is more stable there and the fish will be active. Trout are biting good also in the spring and white river. Regardless of species or size, just get out there and get those hooks wet!