SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
FAMILIES | Making Their Mark
Did you know…?
By age 1, your child has developed a vocabulary of about 70 words.
Between ages 2 and 3, when he or she is gripping a crayon it will lead to holding a pencil correctly.
And, around age 3, scribbles start to take the shape of letters.
Next time your child picks up a crayon, draws seemingly mindless scribbles, looks up for praise and receives the gratification of a job-well-done, know that he is well on his way to reading and writing.
Our newest resource, Making Their Mark, is a two page handout that explains the benefits of encouraging your child to express himself by writing and drawing and ideas on how you can help strengthen his motor skills and unleash his creativity. This new addition and many other resources can be found in our Family Resource Library available in English and español.
NEWS BULLETIN | 3-Star Provider Resource Toolkits
3-star providers, are you wondering about that What exactly is that heavy white box you that recently landed in your mailbox?
The Provider Resource Toolkits are intended to build and strengthen your relationships with the families you serve. This hefty package houses all of the resources available online, posters to display in your facility and information cards to hand out to families. The toolkit should shrink over time as you share the resources with your students’ families. Feel free to make copies of the pages or download them from our Family Resource Library.
Tell us how you’re using your toolkit on the Better Beginnings Facebook Page and use #3StarToolKit.
To learn more about becoming a Better Beginnings provider and earning three stars, visit our section for providers.
Have you recently become a 3-star provider but haven’t received a Provider Resource Toolkit? Don’t worry – yours will be on its way soon! We will announce when the next round of toolkits will be distributed to our newest 3-star providers.
THANK YOU | Better Beginnings Grows Community
We are thankful for YOU, our providers and teachers who work tirelessly to provide the highest quality child care and early learning to Arkansas children.
During July and August, 12 facilities joined or increased their star level within the Better Beginnings community.
Shout out to the most recent facilities to reach a 3-star status. We welcome and congratulate you for your achievement.
Brinkley – Brinkley Fargo Head Start
Des Arc – Des Arc Head Start
Devalls Bluff – Devalls Bluff Head Start
Elaine – Elaine Head Start
Holly Grove – Holly Grove Head Start
Helena – JF Wahl Preschool
Helena – North End Head Start
Huntsville – Kinderkare Preschool
If you are interested in moving up in star ranking, click here.
PROVIDERS | Are You Aware of Your Nearest Child Care Aware?
We recently visited the Child Care Aware of Central and Southwest Arkansas, one of five locations in Arkansas to learn about the services and resources available to early childhood education providers.
Providers have access to a variety of resources ranging from books to worksheets and everything in between.
Have you gotten all set up in your classroom and realized you still need a certain something? Check your local Child Care Aware.
Do you need different books to bring to the classroom? Check with your local Child Care Aware. They might even have a prop or two to go with your book selection.
Do you need copies of the most recent policies? Bring your copy paper and visit your local Child Care Aware.
There are tons of resources and activities for a variety of age ranges available – all you have to do is show up, pick out your stuff, check it out and return it when you’re done.
Click here to find the Child Care Aware closest to you.
SPOTLIGHT |Julie Barber Puts the Special in Special Education
You may have seen that Julie Barber was named the Arkansas Outstanding Early Childhood Professional of the Year. Once you read her feature spotlight on our website, you’ll understand why.
“It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher, much less a special education preschool teacher. That’s exactly the kind of person Julie Barber is, which is why her colleagues were not surprised when she was selected as Arkansas’s Outstanding Early Childhood Professional of the Year by the Arkansas Department of Human Services’ Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education (DCCECE).”  Excerpt from Julie’s website spotlight
EARLY LEARNING |Learning Through Play Every Day
Let the calendar serve as inspiration to show your child new experiences while teaching them new skills. Pair the observances below with resources from our Family Resource Library and Biblioteca de recursos en español, and you’ll discover a host of fun ways to celebrate upcoming holidays while weaving in a little math, discovery, safety and outdoor learning all at the same time.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 4-10: World Space Week
October 5:      World Teachers Day
October 15:    Global Hand Washing Day
October 21:    Reptile Awareness Day
October 31:    Happy Halloween!
To learn more about Better Beginnings and the resources available, visit our website.
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